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Technical Designer
Job Requirements:
1. 25-35 years old, with technical secondary school degree above;
2. More than 5 years experience in clothing technology manufacturing, with professional knowledge and basic skills of clothing industry;
3. Knowing something about pattern design, production technology and embroidery and washing process, and having rich experience in technology improvement;
4. Having better ability to control in technological design for tatting, knitting and shell fabric of other fashion clothing;
5. Skilled in the use of computer and related software to make production technology;
6. Conscientious in work with responsibility, with a strong sense of responsibility, patience and carefulness, good teamwork and the pioneering and innovative spirit.
Pattern Designer
Job Requirements:
1. Fashion design or related major, technical secondary school degree or above; 3 years of working experience related to pattern in clothing industry;
2. Accurately grasping the intention of designer, making pattern by looking at drawings and samples, and capable of completing pattern independently;
3. Familiar with the pattern of clothing, technology process and requirements, and capable of writing technology sheet and size specification independently, with control and innovation ability in popular patterns;
4. Knowing stitching processes and methods, understanding technical requirements, and skilled in the use of accounting method for shell fabric and auxiliary materials;
5. 25-35 years old, with technical secondary school degree above.
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