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For enterprises, talents are those people who can do things well, achieve good performance in their own positions and can directly or indirectly make profit for the enterprises, and should have some social experience, healthy mentality, diligent and dedicated character, sense of innovation, positive attitude and spirit of unity and cooperation, etc.

The key to the definition of talents by East Star Group is to have two points, namely, the ability and awareness.

We understand and recognize different values, but only accept those people in line with corporate value for long-term cooperation with pleasure. We advocate competition, but we are against the excessive pursuit of real self; we encourage to show personality, but not appreciate self-approbation; and we understand individual needs, but not give in to the supremacy of benefiting the enterprise by individuals. Only with good professional awareness and personal ability, one can be the real talent required by East Star Group.

Talent strategic planning of East Star Group is to do work well for the enterprise to absorb and train the real professional operating and management talents according to corporate strategic planning.

1. Talent Absorbing Planning
With the Group¡¯s subsidiaries having been expanding, the total number of staff in East Star Group is expected to double in the next 3-5 years.
The middle and senior management team of various companies under Group shall be further enhanced. We will promote some employees with good comprehensive quality through internal training to replenish the middle and senior management and technical positions, and additionally we will attract a number of talents with excellent professional quality and rich management experience from the society to add to all levels of management positions and technical positions of East Star Group.
In addition, East Star Group has the plan of recruiting certain graduating students in proportion each year. We pay more attention to the comprehensive quality and ability of graduates, and the academic performance at the university and social practice activities of the graduates are also an important basis for our selection and reference.

2. Talent Training Development Plan
Similarly, centering on strategic goal of the enterprise, the Group plan increases investment in human capital. Aiming at the industrial characteristics of Group, perfect curriculum system to the benefit of further study and improvement of employees and cadres at different levels is developed to lay a good foundation for the future customer service and production service.

3. Position Succession Planning
Position succession planning is to always provide reserve force for key positions within Group. East Star Group is accelerating the pace to make efforts to improve various human resources management system and practically strengthen echelon construction so that the virtuous talent flow mechanism of ¡°promoting the talented ones and kicking out the incapable one¡± is formed with the Group.

4. Talent assessment management plan is the establishment/perfection of quality system and the assurance of quality of finished products
We will establish sound Group¡¯s human resources management system and do well the construction of three platforms. The first is basic platform, that is, position qualification system; the second is application platform, that are, performance management, compensation management and employee career design; and the third is core platform, that is, corporate culture construction.
(1) Establish job responsibilities and job qualification of various jobs, and set up perfect qualification system.
(2) Performance management, compensation management and career design are the specific methods and measures for the enterprise to achieve ¡°utilization, cultivation and retention of talents¡± and other HR management objectives.
(3) Corporate culture construction is the key to improving the competitiveness of enterprises, and the content that cannot be ignored for human resource management.

East Star Group provides a wide stage for every person with aspirations and ambitions. Let us work hand in hand and develop jointly to create a bright future!

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